Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Strange Brew

I'm not a big fan of the mall—mostly because I tend to have horrible experiences there.  I frequently get hoodwinked by enthusiastic salespeople who sell me junk I don't need and never use, and I have had enough dressing room blunders to write an entire book of anecdotes on fitting room mishaps.

For example, when I went to the mall around Christmastime, I was confronted with the following dressing room horror show:

(Yes, that is a used Band-Aid, a packet of ketchup and an open safety pin.  I'm not sure what the pregnancy-test-like thing is.  I can only imagine what was going on in this fitting room before I arrived.) 

For these reasons I generally avoid the mall, but when my husband's aunt recently offered to accompany me there to get some new clothes for the kids, I just couldn't resist.  I had been lying around nursing my broken tailbone for so long that any opportunity to get out of the house was irresistible.

We had a plan—we would start at one end of the mall and work our way through the department stores, purchasing clearance clothing for the kids for next season.  All was going well until, as we strolled through the corridor between Macy's and Boscov's, I heard a friendly voice chirp, "Would you like to sample some tea?"

I turned and found myself gazing at the most amazing tea shop I had ever seen.  Wonderful, fruity smells wafted from the store, and I could see all manner of decorative teapots and pretty cups sparkling on the shelves.  I heard heady, new-agey music pulsing inside, and I began wandering in that direction in an awed trance.

Now, I think I should probably preface this next part by saying that I am not really a tea drinker—I prefer coffee.  I do love a good iced tea in the summertime, but I'm just not a fan of hot tea (unless I'm at a Chinese restaurant; for some reason I always end up drinking ten cups of the addictive concoction they brew in there).

Nevertheless, my curiosity was piqued by all of the sparkly tea paraphernalia, and between my good mood and the alluring music I just couldn't stop myself from wandering in.  I happily sampled the tea being offered.  It was delicious, and I readily agreed when the salesperson asked me if I'd like to try another.

I was led to a table with some science-experiment-like equipment on it.  I noticed little dried-up balls on a plate; they resembled owl pellets and I had a flashback to middle school science class. 

I screwed up my face and wondered if I was going to see some rodent bones.  Fortunately I needn't have worried; they were just tea balls, and the saleslady—we'll call her Betty—directed my attention to a clear glass teapot with what looked like flowers and moss growing inside of it.

Betty explained that this was called "blooming tea."  According to her, impoverished workers in China hand-roll dried flowers into these blooming tea balls for our American enjoyment.  She stated that the workers get paid, "A penny for every twenty they do...or something like that."  I thought this sounded like a lousy endorsement for buying owl-pellet tea balls assembled via slave labor, so I passed on those. 

I then continued my tea-sampling orgy, trying iced tea, fruit tea, jasmine tea, white tea, herb tea, and Chinese tea (which didn't taste nearly as good without the accompanying pork fried rice).  I was particularly fond of the iced tea, and Betty explained that it was a mixture of two different blends.  It was completely caffeine free, she said, and therefore it would be perfect for the kids.

I envisioned myself having a Martha Stewart-ish moment, mixing up delicious pitchers of fruity iced tea for the family in the summertime.  Heck, if I couldn't impress my family with my lousy cooking, at least I could make some yummy tea.  I immediately told her I would take some.

At the counter, Betty removed two giant metal tubs from a rack on the wall behind her.  She began scooping contents from each tub into two different bags while telling me all about the health benefits of fresh tea.

"We have doctors sending their patients to our store for holistic remedies," she said proudly.  "The tea is so fresh and full of nutrients, it can even cure migraine headaches and other physical ailments."  I immediately grew curious and began telling her about my chronic muscle and nerve pain, which I take painkillers and muscle relaxers for on a daily basis.

"Oh, we have a tea that's great for muscle spasms!" she replied.  "It's got these special cherries that have relaxing qualities.  It would be very helpful for your problems."

I told her to go ahead and add some of that to my purchase.

By this point, my daughter Clara was getting restless.  She had been sitting in the stroller for at least twenty minutes while I sampled teas and talked about health remedies, and she now wanted to get out of the store.  Unfortunately we couldn't leave just yet, because scooping and bagging my teas was taking Betty longer than I'd expected, so I purchased a sugar spoon from the counter and handed it to my daughter.

"Look, Clara!  Lollipop!"

Clara picked up the sugar spoon, took a couple of sucks, and then promptly dropped it on the floor and started to cry.  I groaned.

"Oh dear!" Betty said.  "Would you like me to rinse it off with some water?"

"No, no...I'll just buy another one."  I gave Clara the new sugar spoon, and she successfully managed a few more sucks before dropping that one too.  She started to wail.

I told Betty I needed to get on my way, so I asked her if she could start ringing up my order.  That's when I looked at the counter and noticed that I had several mostly-full bags of tea, and I had not a clue how much any of it cost.  I buy tea about once a year—for my husband for Christmas—and I'm used to buying it at Target, where an $8.00 box of teabags will last us until the following holiday.  I realized that I was most likely looking at a forty dollar tea purchase, and I started to sweat.

As she started weighing everything, Betty asked me what I was planning on storing my tea in.  After all, she said, tea will degrade if exposed to light or air, so I needed something both air and light tight.

"Oh, I'll just put them in the ceramic canisters on my kitchen counter."

"Well, see, that won't work," explained Betty, "because light penetrates ceramic.  Only metal will block the UV rays, so you need to use something like these handy tea tins that you can purchase right here at the store.  You'll probably need two, because you have a good amount of tea here, and you don't want it to lose its freshness."

I looked at the obviously overpriced tea tins and tried to figure out if I could avoid buying them.  Clara was still mourning the loss of her second sugar spoon and was nearing meltdown status.   

"Fine, fine...just ring them up too," I added, anxious to get out of the store.

"Okay, and, um, how were you planning on brewing the tea?" Betty asked.

"Uh...with my one-cup coffeemaker?"

"Oh, well, this is whole-leaf tea, see, so you need a tea ball or other brewing device.  We have some right over here..." and she walked me to one of the walls full of fancy tea accoutrements.  I quickly selected what I hoped was a modestly-priced brewer and pulled out my credit card.

As Betty rang up my order I watched the growing total with alarm.  I silently prayed that my bill wouldn't exceed sixty dollars.

"That will be one hundred and five dollars and eighty-two cents," Betty chirped.

I'm pretty sure the blood drained from my face at this point, and I sensed the beginnings of a panic attack.  I felt like a complete idiot.  I hadn't, at any point, even asked how much the tea was.  After all, how much could tea possibly cost?  It's tea!!

Apparently it costs quite a bit if you purchase a POUND of it.

I quickly thought about my order and tried to figure out if there was anything I could put back.  Short of emptying the meticulously-weighed-and-measured tea back into its original tin and returning it to the shelf, there seemed to be no solution...and I just didn't have the time to wait for Betty to re-measure a different quantity of tea.

I sheepishly offered my credit card, stared at the floor and shuffled my feet while the ridiculously long receipt printed out.  Betty bid me a friendly farewell, and I hustled out of the store with my tail between my legs.

Once we were out of earshot of the saleslady, my husband's aunt laughed, clapped me on the back and shouted, "Well, she sure took you for a ride!!"

My face burned with embarrassment.  

My palms sweated all over the steering wheel as I drove home.   I realized I was going to have some major explaining to do.  Not wanting my husband to arrive at the house and be surprised by a ridiculously huge credit card receipt, I called him at work to explain myself.

"Um, I made a little, um...oopsie," I said in my most timid and remorseful voice.

"Uh oh...what did you do now?" my husband asked.

I sheepishly explained that I had been tricked into purchasing a pound of tea and accompanying paraphernalia for a hundred dollars.  I tried to explain how the saleslady had used her wiles to con me, but I was interrupted.

"Wait a second.  You don't even like tea!!  I'm the only one who drinks it!  So you spent a hundred dollars on something you don't even like?!"

I started to share my fantasy of making iced tea for everyone this summer, thinking that I could cheer my husband with talk of refreshing fruit tea, but he interrupted me again.

"What the hell else did you buy?" he snapped.

"Um...just some tea tins and a brewer," I said sheepishly.

"Well, we're going to return the tins.  We don't need them—we have canisters on the counter that will work just fine."

I relayed Betty's assertion that light penetrates ceramic, so the canisters won't work.

"Wait, wait... I call 'bullshit' on that!!" my husband hollered.  "Seriously?  I mean, think about it.  Ceramic isn't light-tight?  You mean if I sit in a glazed ceramic container on the beach I'll get a sunburn?  That's freaking ridiculous!" 

I stared at the floor.  "Well, we can return the tins if you really want to."

He huffed.  "We'll figure it out when I get home," he said before hanging up.

I swallowed and took a calming breath.  At least the worst was over.  I stared at my glossy bag filled with overpriced tea and vowed to drink it every day for the next year if I had to, just to prove that it wasn't a complete waste of money. 

That evening I brewed my first glass of iced tea from my stash.  As I scooped the tea out of the bag, this twig came out with the dried berries.

I estimate I probably paid about $1.00 for it.  On the bright side, since it's a gourmet twig I'm sure it's one of the freshest twigs I'd be able to find anywhere.  Too bad I couldn't bring myself to brew it. 

After disposing of the stick, I installed myself on the sofa with my iced tea and tried to look like it was transporting me to previously unachieved levels of ecstasy.

"So, how's your ten dollar glass of tea?" my husband asked sarcastically.

"It's good, actually."

"Well, it better be.  We've got enough tea to last us the next ten years."

I had nothing to say.  I was significantly admonished and completely embarrassed.

"Well," my husband said, "All I have to say is...you'd better write a damn funny blog post about this!"  

Well, at least that's taken care of.   

Now I think I'll have a cup of tea.


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  1. OHhhh Darling!! lol Now I really don't feel bad about purchasing $400 worth of meat from a salesperson at my front door... okay wait a second... did I say $400? What was I thinking??
    Hope your tea is HOT like the MILF drinking it... xoxo

    Caffe's Lipsticks- May you Rest in Peace 2010-2012

  2. I tagged you here: http://mamatinkstinkerings.blogspot.com/2012/02/tag-youre-it.html. I hope you have time to play along!

  3. I kinda thought the blooming tea was cool... I even bought some once. Now I kind of feel bad about it...

  4. Oops. I bought some blooming tea and a glass tea pot for my stepmom for Christmas. I thought it looked so cool. Girl, I can totally relate to what happened to you in that tea store. Thanks for the laugh!

  5. I am SO not going to the mall with you, and I even DRINK tea...

  6. Oh dear....I have done this very kind of thing before and it DOES feel awful! Well, honestly, I'm sure you will enjoy your tea and maybe you can give up $100 worth of Starbucks of something to even it out. And....it was good blog fodder!

  7. I'm going to guess the store you went to was teavana? They always try to play those games and I *AM* a tea drinker ;) Don't feel too bad. You just got a really good sales person. The place is very cool though.

    Also, if you ever decide to like the tea market for cool pots and stuff, I suggest looking at World Market if you have one around. I found a beautiful japanese pot I saw in teavana that was going for $115 there. In World Market is was $15.

    Thanks for the laugh =)

  8. I love your defense of being tricked into the purchase. That made me laugh. We've all been there lady, for one product or another. That's when we have to nut up and just walk away. Great post. xox

  9. OMG I've been in that same store! I can tell because I have an oversized tea canister holding a tiny amount of expensive, fancy tea leaves - which quite frankly would have stored perfectly well in an airtight bag...

    I can completely relate to your story. I've been suckered with sales pitches before. I broke down for a door-to-door salesman and bought a bottle of 'all-natural' cleaner for $40/bottle!! Granted the stuff works and smells good, but then vinegar and lemon juice work pretty much the same. I think I had the same conversation with my husband as you had with yours.

    Great post. :)

    1. Hehe...you'll laugh when I tell you that I got suckered into the same cleaner purchase...except I bought $400 worth of it (if I bought three cases I got one free!) I think that story will be a blog post in itself one day, because it's a good one! LOL I'm glad I'm not the only one who got suckered into the cleaner!

  10. Loved this post, Jenn! Tell your hubs it was worth it and so are you!!!! I couldn't stop chuckling as I read this because it sounds like something that would happen to me. You are not alone in getting sucked in to something like this and then realizing the cost after it's done. Hey, at least you helped them stay in business and learned a little more about tea. Drink up!

  11. Omg...what a shocker...I have spend like the last 45 mins reding soe of your posts and so glad I found you at the hop. Yoour newest follower and a regular visitor now,

  12. Now you have me craving tea! I think I'm going to make a cup. But yours sounds delicious. Too bad those mall folks hoodwinked you, though. I've learned to simply ignore them. They don't make it easy. They play on my inner niceness. I just have to keep walking and squash the guilt. :)

  13. WOW LOL, new follower stopping by from the HOP, hope you come by and follow :)

  14. LOL...did you get tricked? I hate the mall too, so I'm thinking it's you and me and a boat load of tea!!!

    I've so been there! Even been suckered into those stupid door to door meat purchases...blech!


  15. This is too funny! You probably paid 5 bucks apiece for those sugar spoons, too.
    Does anyone actually like to to drink the flowering tea? I thought it tasted like ass.
    I have, however, learned from my mistakes with the meat man and the cleaner guys. I just don't answer the door anymore. I hope my sucker days are over. ;)

  16. That would be a lifetime worth of cleaner for me. I'm still going through my one 'super concentrated' bottle (a year later). At least, concentrated is my excuse. Maybe I need to clean more? ...Nah.

  17. Oh my goodness! I totally get it though - my daughter is 3, going on 4 and still pitches the greatest fits in stores if we're not hurrying along (or buying her something!) ... that is definitely a great story - now get out the tax forms and write the tea store receipt off. :-)

    (stopping in today from VB - hope it is a great day!)

  18. Oh yeah, to quote Madea, "You have been tricked". I am a tea drinker, and drink a fair bit of blooming jasmine tea. I keep them in the original bag and they aren't any worse for the wear. Return them, keep the tea (and enjoy, it's a great detox and helps you drop pounds btw), but return the canisters. The glass pitcher is only so you can see it.....

  19. I am crying. My daughter is asking, "Mommy, what is so funny?" This is the best laugh I've had in weeks. She took you for a ride. I love her bs about the ceramic! So hilarious! I am sharing this one!

  20. That is CRAZY! I'm not a tea-drinker, so I have no idea what it costs, but that sounds ridiculous!

  21. Hilarious and horrible all at the same time. It really is too bad you didn't ask how much the tea was at the time. I think I would have retorted something to the effect of: "wait, it only costs a penny to produce this owl pellet tea and your asking for how much!?"
    It's absolutely amazing what you can end up spending in a store when simultaneously being distracted by a Martha Stewart Mom fantasy and by a small child who has reached the end of their rope. Ugh. Lesson learned I guess.
    I'm a new follower. Thanks for the good read.

  22. It's amazing, isn't it? And since I used to do promotions for alcohol companies, when I dont' even drink the stuff, I know for a fact that those employees have no idea what they are talking abotu and are just relaying what they have been told to say. I love tea but I won't even drink their free samples because I know they are up to no good. Instead, I liked to walk around and look at stuff myself, ignoring them. And then not buying anything because it's so overpriced. I can't believe there is a market for that in this day and age!

  23. Love it - Hoodwinked again at the tea store!

  24. How absolutely funny! I found you via your hop, and sure glad that I did :) Thanks for the invite to connect!

  25. LOL, wow great post! Great blog! New follower from Thirsty Thursday Hop. Drop on by and see me if you get the chance, thanks!


  26. I am a new follower and a big tea drinker, loved your story.

  27. Oh man! You obviously are a very nice person. I'm pretty sure that the word Bloomin' is a very bad word in Australia!;)

  28. LMAO-That was totally hysterical. I always use my daughter as an excuse to bolt from situations like that-LOL! once she starts to fuss, its time to go. Hubby was a real trooper-mine would have ripped me a new one and stuffed the damn tea into it!

  29. Love your blog, and so glad I found you on the Linky blog hop. I am now following on GFC and LF. I would love if you stopped by and followed back, so we can stay connected. Lori

  30. Oh, I can only imagine what store you were in. I love it, but I am aware that it's very expensive, so I buy very small amounts at a time. Well, my old tea brewer was getting moldy (ew-older model that couldn't go in the dish washer) so when my boyfriend asked what I'd like for Christmas I told him that a new tea brewer would be nice. He said, "Ok, great! Get ready for some new tea, too." And I replied, "No, no, it's ok. You don't know how expensive that tea is." Obviously he ignored that comment because, much to my horror (and delight), when I opened my gift on Christmas morning I found a tea brewer and two FULL bags of tea. I don't know what his total was, but I can tell you he had the same unknowing experience as you, haha. I've also gone before and asked for 2 oz. of a certain tea, and when the girl measures it she asks (cheerily and in an "I made a cute little oopsie" voice), "Um, well, I poured 2.4 oz in the bag. Is that ok?" Well, um, see, um, I asked for 2 oz. so could you, like, take 0.4 oz out?

  31. Hi there! Blogwalking here from Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop.

    Wow! As your husband said, you bought something that you didn't even like! 'Betty' must be a charming lady to be able to convince you to purchase those tea with tins and brewer.

    Good thing your husband has got some sense of humor to tell you to blog about it huh ;)

    Take care now.

    Geca's Realm http://gecasrealm.blogspot.com/

  32. I loved this post!!! Hilarious! I can't wait to share that picture of the dressing room horror show with my friends! Visiting from Weekend Warrior.
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  34. ahahahaha! The same thing happened to me in a tea store!!! I will never go to another one :) Funny post!

  35. This IS funny blog post! Darned sales people! I found you through Lady Bugs with Zoi's linky party and this is the cutest post I have read in ages. I am SO following you!

  36. Wow this place sounds super shady. You are too polite, I would have gotten uppity on that saleslady. Especially after hearing about that labor conditions they are made in. I would def go back to the store to return at least the tins and give the lady a piece of your mind. Or at least write a review on Yelp so you can prevent others from falling victim to this swindler too!

  37. LOL! I am SO the same way and cannot be trusted when face to face with any salesperson. I have to hide in my own house when they come to the door or I know I will buy their $40 cleaner or $2000 vacuum! Didn't you cave in to some infomercials, too? I thought of you recently when I gave into the telephone salesperson and purchased the stupid Chaz whatever hair stuff lmao!

  38. That is too funny. I must admit, I laughed the most when you envisioned yourself in a Martha-Stewart like moment. I can easily identify with that. One weekend, after spending the week reading all of these creative, crafty, and half chef-mom blogs, I decided to get off my Hamburger Helper bottom and make a completely homemade, from scratch dinner. With the same Martha Stewart dreams, I managed to spend a hefty sum at the grocery store. Not one thing I cooked was edible, and it looked like my kids had a food fight in my kitchen. My husband came home to find me with dough crusted in my hair, and the hideous looking food set out on the perfectly decorated table. (I managed to get that right.) He helped clean it up, chuckling as he tossed the food. "Well, hun, at least the table looks pretty."

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  40. WOW, I have had similar things happen in bake shops and stuff. I am quite sorry it happened to you

  41. I feel your pain here. There has been a decree handed down from my roommate/best friend of 25 years that I am not allowed to watch infomercials for much the same reason!

    Enjoy your tea because you really deserve it!

    I found you through the Blog Hop Til' You Drop

  42. okay i have 3 things to tell you... first, holy long blog, two you're crazy and three i LOVE it!! LOL... you got me at Strange Brew... new follower :)

  43. Hi! I'm new to your blog from the weekend blog hop! :-)

    Oh my goodness! At least you did get a damn funny post out of the whole ordeal! I'm sorry you had to go through it, though.

    Please feel free to check out my new blog at http://earning-my-cape.blogspot.com/

  44. Oh my!! I'm a huge tea lover, but not $100 worth in one purchase. Lol! So glad your husband was a trooper when he heard the news.

  45. super funny but totally stinks i have always been ok with telling people no but i do feel the need to buy thing when i go to these little shops they stare at you and you feel guilty some how not getting anything

    stop by and check me out :)

  46. I so get it! My daughter has near end meltdowns when we are shopping and I don't stop for her! $10 glass of tea-LOL!! You are so funny! Come link up if you like on my funny hop:)

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  50. Funny post. I forgot about those owl pellets with rodent bones..haha. Thanks for reminding me about that; definitely off-putting to think about making tea out of that. Thanks for stopping by my blog; I am your newest follower! :) ~Jessica www.mommyhoodbyjess.com

  51. I think we've all done something like this at some point or another so you are not alone. I am sure you'll like tea by the end of it. (wry smile!)

  52. Jenn,
    How DO these things happen to you?! I always end up wishing I could be a fly on the wall when you go on your excursions. You could have all the vB ladies over for tea now!

    Love ya!

  53. Weekend Warrior hopping in and loved the post. I love tea..but mostly just lipton's diet green tea.
    New follower ;)

  54. OMG! And that you did. Too funny. I can't tell you how many times I've been roped into buying something I didn't need. The worst is when they come to your door. A sweet little kid with a magazine subscription when the only time I look at a magazine is when I need an extra long time sitting on the can. Oh yes, the very reason why I hate malls!

  55. I might be totally crazy but when I glanced at that first picture I thought it was a blood donation bag and a band aid and thought "what the hell mall do you go to???"

  56. Oh I hate the mall too. I prefer the plant nursery and the thrift store any day but generally I hate shopping in total. Would rather be home any day cozying up in my house.

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  61. Oh my! This is quite hilarious :D I've been put in those situations many times and as witty as I like to think myself, I still get nailed occasionally. I hope your tea stays fresh for the next ten years!! :) Now following along through Linky and hope you have a great week!

  62. You gotta put these stories in a book that I can own and read when I'm getting too serious. Brilliant and funny. Checking in from the Make my Morning blog hop.


  63. Ahhhh!!! TEAVANA!!!!! I wrote a post very much like this one back in September! I ended up making her put half the tea back and walking out of there with a little paper bag. I felt like I was being robbed! So glad you linked up with us over at #findingthefunn!

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  66. Hilarious! New lfollwer from blog hop

  67. I am a new follower, I found you on the hop today, congrats on being the star blogger. I love tea and have a brewing station set aside in my kitchen with tea drawers, tea pots, different cups etc. It is not an addiction for folks who want to save money though, even at the $8.00 a box price at Target its steep. I have not tried the blooming teas yet, I keep seeing them in my catalogs but at $5 and up for a little pot (about 2 cups worth) thats kind of high. Thanks for the smile today, even though I knew your price was going to be over the $100 mark, I end up with this problem in clothing stores, with remarks like ohhh you need a belt with that, or how about this pretty scarf. uggg! They are everywhere! Have a great day. :)

  68. My husband has been sucked into Teavana... He wanted to spend more than $100 there but I stopped him. He still spends quite a bit there regularly, getting his "blend." -_-

  69. I love your blog! You definitely succeeded in writing a very interesting (and funny) post, per your hubby's instructions! ;) I am following you now, I found you through voiceboks. I'm not on there often, but now I think I'll check it out more often! Check out my blog, if you like. I have two, actually and they link together! Thanks for such and interesting blog! I, too, have many misadventures as a mom/aunt and you've inspired me to write more about them!

  70. Hi Jennifer, I can't tell how your story has resonated with me. So many of my shopping experiences have ended with costly prices and the same admonishments from my husband. However, I think he uses harsher language at times. I have been sternly warned that if I purchase another piece of cutlery or tableware he might just blow a gasket!! As a food blogger I find that sales people can sense my inability to "say no" the moment I walk into the store. Thanks for sharing your story with us!

    I'm following your linky hop. Would appreciate a follow back if you haven't done so already!

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  72. if you and I went shopping together we would be broke. so sorry this happened but have to admitt i laughed

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