Thursday, November 18, 2010

Evan's bizarre art!

Evan has so many coloring books -- and tonight he rejected them all in favor of coloring in the letters on the back of our tissue boxes!  I even pulled out a coloring book and asked him to help me color a picture... but he told me I'd have to color the picture by myself since he was busy with the tissue boxes.  It just goes to show that you can spend all kinds of money on great toys, books, and art supplies for your child, and he'll get more enjoyment out of a marker and a cardboard box!

Notice the tongue action on this bottom picture!  Apparently he gets that from his mommy -- I remember being harassed in high school for sticking my tongue out when I write! Stumble Upon Toolbar

Monday, November 15, 2010

So Proud!

I must admit that I am falling victim to the indulgence of mommy pride!  I am seeing both Evan and Clara maturing by leaps and bounds, and it just warms my heart!

Evan has FINALLY decided that he is ready to wear big-boy underpants, and he now insists on wearing underwear all the time.  He even wants to wear undies overnight, but we still have to put him in diapers at night for the moment -- he just pees so much!  But after two years of struggling with potty training, it turns out the pediatrician was right -- he just needed to decide that he was ready.  It was like a switch flipped one day and boom -- now Evan's using the potty without needing to be prodded or cajoled.  Hallelujah!

He's also really getting into art.  He's always drawing and coloring, and he is quite meticulous with his artwork.  I am really impressed with how well he holds his pencil and how careful he is when he writes and colors.  Today he drew a picture and scrawled DADDY on it in messy capital letters.  It was the first time he wrote DADDY without one of us helping him.  Call me silly, but I just want to bronze that piece of paper (as if you could bronze paper!)

Today we had ravioli for dinner, and it wasn't the usual square ravioli.  Evan pulled one out of the pot and put it on his plate and announced, "Hey, these ravioli are hexagons!  They have six sides!"  And he was right!  Forgive me for thinking my son is brilliant...
Clara is also maturing right before my eyes!  She is quite a vocal baby, and she has starting using a couple of words.  I think her first word is officially "mama."  She's said other stuff too, but I won't count it as a first word unless she knows what she's saying and uses the word correctly.  She definitely refers to me as "Mama" and calls for me when she wants me (which is all the time)!  Evan's first word was "sock," which I think is funny! 

She also says "no-no," which is quite adorable.  When I'm asking her not to do something I often say "Clara, no, no."  Now she's taken to saying "no-no" when she doesn't want me to do something... like, for example, when I try to put her in her car seat or her high chair.  She often struggles with me and cries, "No-no!  No-no!"  It's adorable.  I wonder what she'll say next! 

Well, that's about all for now... we are looking forward to the holidays and all the excitement that they will hold for the kids!  Stumble Upon Toolbar
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