I am excited to be the lucky recipient of the Stylish Blogger Award, from three different people!!  Special thanks to Rachel Joy, Char, and Not So Silent Mommy for the award!  According to tradition, I must now tell you seven things you might not know about me.  Then I will pass on the award to 7 other deserving bloggers!

Hmmmm.... thinking.... seven things.....

1. I play trombone professionally.  Anyone who thinks girls shouldn't play trombone can kiss my brass.

2. I can't cook.  CAN'T... COOK.  My husband once asked me to boil a potato, and I followed the directions, which said to use half a cup of water.  I couldn't understand why the water kept boiling away, or why the potato was scorching in the pot and stinking up the house.  My husband arrived at home and informed me that I needed to cut up the potato first.  Oops. 

3.  I am a photographer. 

4.  I met my husband in karate class.

5.  I have a minor addiction to eBay.

6.  I've always wished I could have been part of the 60's era.

7.  I was a proud member of the Dungeons and Dragons club in college (we called it the "Role Players and War Gamers Association"... I guess we thought it sounded less geeky). 


And now to pass on this award to seven lucky recipients!!  I think some of these gals already received the award while I was getting my act together and making this list... so to those of you who already got it... congratulations!  You're getting it again!  :-) 

1. Vinobaby at Vinobaby's Voice!  She's one funny mama!

2. Tara at Lotus Blu Mama!  She inspired one of my posts!

3. Heidi at Sacred and Profane.

4. Lisa at Home C.E.O.

5. Becoming Supermommy

6.  Nikki at Nights With Nikki. She's just getting started, so show her some love!  She's awesome!

7.  Chach and Nellie at The Third Boob!  I just about wet my pants laughing!


"My blog, my blog, my blog is on fire!!!  (We don't need no water...)"  LOL

Thanks to Prototype Mama for setting my blog ablaze!!! 


I have also recently received the Sunshine Award!  Thanks to Sweet Tea Serendipity for the award!

The Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspires others in the blog world.

I am now supposed to tell you something else about myself, and award this to 10 other blogs.  So I will use the "about me" opportunity to explain that, because I am so busy that I am suffocating under a mountain of laundry as I write this, I will be awarding this to other bloggers at some point in the near future.


Thanks to April Raechelle Pauley for the Versatile Blogger Award!

As you can see by now, I'm ridiculously behind in passing these forward.  I promise I will do so!


And  a huge shout out to Dayna at Great Beauty Buys for the Kreativ Blogger Award!  Wow... I am blown away!  I'm supposed to share even more stuff with everyone about myself here, and I'm just way behind.  But many, many thanks to Dayna!  You rock, girlfriend!

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